Getting inside the world of the mobile wallet with ISIS

ISIS wallet ISIS is a mobile wallet joint venture between the three biggest telecom operators in the United States; AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless, to provide consumers and merchants with an open and secure mobile commerce platform. Isis has chosen Gemalto to secure this platform though Gemalto's Allynis trusted service manager (TSM).
The ISIS wallet was formally launched in full pilot mode in October 2012 in Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah. It enables end-users to enjoy the speed, security and convenience of mobile contactless payment using NFC technology at retail outlets such as restaurants, movie theaters and drug stores. In addition of being able to pay for their purchases in a secure way, end-users can use their loyalty cards and redeem reward points all with a tap of their phones. The simplicity with which ISIS enables end-users to collect and use coupons and discounts will encourage them to visit those stores that are running promotions and discounts.

A team effort

ISIS Mobile Wallet The wallet was initially rolled out to a limited number of smartphones as part of the pilot phase, but already several major banks, issuers and payment schemes have joined in, with many more expected. A reach of 200M users is forecast.
One of the major banks involved in the program, Chase, is also using Gemalto's TSM solution for its enterprise-wide mobile payments platform. This will allow Chase to load a digital version of end-users' payment cards onto the ISIS mobile wallet in real time.
By bringing together merchants and consumers, the ISIS mobile commerce network will provide an improved, more convenient, and more personal shopping experience.

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