Gemalto Trusted Service Hub: ONE solution to pinpoint security frameworks in ALL handsets


The major challenge Service Providers are facing is that their potential user base is very fragmented: Consumers use different wireless carriers networks and different handsets models with different Operating Systems. Adopting a service should not require anyone to be asked to churn to a given operator or switch to a new smartphone model. There is thus a need to create a simple and uniform yet secure software distribution path, while keeping all this complexity under the hood. This is where Gemalto’s Trusted Service Hub steps in.​

​​One hub serves all

This is what Gemalto is doing today with its new Trusted Service Hub offering. Gemalto's Trusted Services Hub connects mobile networks operators (MNOs), handset makers and other secure element (SE) issuers with a central hub for software distribution and user-credential management. Service providers will enjoy a single point of contact and the Trusted Service Hub can pinpoint a wide variety of Security frameworks such as SEs, across a multitude of SE issuers, including MNOs with multi-tenant SIMs, handset makers with embedded SEs or Trusted Execution Environment and emerging tokenization standards. 

Maximize your​​ service reach

Through a single engagement with Gemalto,  access millions of users on multiple mobile networks.

Of all the secure element technologies that Gemalto's Trusted Service Hub can federate, MNO-issued SIM cards with NFC support are currently by far the most widely used and immediately available for mass deployment of secure services, with NFC payment being the best example.

 Gemalto's Trusted Service Hub is an immediate business solution for banks, for example, wanting to deploy mobile payment solutions to their customers  across a comprehensive portfolio of smartphones and mobile networks.