Increasing Issuing Numbers for Al Rajhi Bank

Follow the success story of Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia with one of the biggest Instant Issuance rollouts.

  According to forecasts by Al Rajhi, March was planned to be the largest roll-out month of 2012

In February, Al Rajhi Bank the largest financial institution in Saudi Arabia completed the main phase of the deployment of the Dexxis Instant Issuance program for on the spot EMV card delivery.
More than 500 branches are equipped with instant issuance solutions that are currently delivering 20,000 cards per day, making it one of the largest roll-outs of any instantly issued smart banking card program.
The solution provided by Gemalto goes beyond that of ordinary instant issuance, as we also provide a full set of services, ranging from training, project management, maintenance and support.

The one-click easy-to-use EMV instant issuance solution facilitates the process with an Arabic interface for better understanding and faster processing for bank employees. The solution has improved logistical challenges regarding mail delivery and associated costs, and the highly secure EMV card helps reduce fraud by detecting counterfeit and duplicate cards.

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