Allynis Interactive Portal

Personalize your services with one simple click

Internet, mobile and ePayment technologies have had a huge impact on what customers expect from their banks. And financial institutions are improving their services, to counter ever-increasing competition and improve customer acquisition and retention.

This means offering top-notch products and services and being able to guarantee they’re secure. Banks can also differentiate themselves from competitors by offering innovative personalization services which enable them to monitor card issuance and associated services online.

Gemalto Personalization Services

Gemalto has designed Allynis Interactive Portal, a unique web interface for interactive services in real time that supports the evolution and growth of your bank card business. It covers every aspect, thanks to its comprehensive range of modules, including card compiler, product catalog, file transfer monitoring, card personalization, online stock management, eServices, artwork flow validation and change request.

It delivers all of Allynis Issuance Manager’s (AIM) functionalities, so you get the benefit of card issuance monitoring to ensure 100% traceability throughout the personalization process; file transfer monitoring; card personalization follow-up such as orders and pull management; change requests; and shipment tracking. These are all backed up by a host of reporting features such as extended data, online stock management and comprehensive production reports. Plus the portal can generate standard business intelligence reports using Gemalto systems’ data focusing on areas such as consolidated volumes, service level agreements, artwork management, claims, VMI and inventory.

You also get a set of online tools that gives you access to a raft of our innovative services such as eServices (PIN and delivery notification by SMS); card compiler; artwork flow validation; and product catalog, which includes general information, chip, mag stripe, personalization and an artwork overview.

Secure - and easy

Because Allynis Interactive Portal can be deployed as a Software As A Service (SAAS) solution, it means you’ll have a secure and easy to set up system that meets all your payment card needs.

One of the features that makes the portal stand out from the crowd is its online pull option. This enables you to pull at any time during the card production and delivery process, meaning you can promptly respond to your customers’ needs. And by adopting this topline issuance management tool, you’ll be buying in to a solution that’s already been proven in the field.

So what does this all mean for your business? You’re looking at potentially slashing the time you spend on pulls and card monitoring by 50%. Plus you don’t need to worry about installing anything on your own computer system. In addition, you’ll no longer have all the hassle and cost of sending post, emails and faxes. And because Allynis Interactive Portal can be accessed by your call centers, you’ll be able to offer your card holders a direct and superior service.


Allynis Interactive Portal

Allynis Interactive Porta

Personalize your services with one simple click.

Allynis Interactive Portal [PDF - 319kb]


Allynis is our service and consulting offer for financial institutions. Gemalto provides third-party assistance for business demands: data administration, logistics, support, lifecycle management, and loyalty programs. Allynis TSM consulting is geared to helping banks with the transition to NFC technology for innovative banking and marketing opportunities.