Allynis PIN by SMS


"Your Pin code is 6724"

Gemalto provides issuers a way to offer their cardholders a fast, seamless and interactive card renewal experience, leveraging mobiles.

Imagine one of your customers has requested a new card. As soon as the card is shipped to her, an SMS notifies her of her new PIN code and information when the card will arrive. In addition, in the event she forgets the PIN code at any given time during the card life, a PIN reminder can be sent, securely, via SMS.

That’s the kind of modern, digital experience your customers expect -- and that you can offer them today with Allynis PIN by SMS.
Allynis PIN by SMS is part of our Allynis e-Services suite, and is networked to all telecom operators in the world. That means you can reach each and every one of your mobile-equipped cardholders. A real-time personalization workshop tracking system allows you to monitor whenever every individual card is mailed, so when the card personalization is processed, the SMS is sent in sync with the card shipment (not before, not after).

Gemalto's security expertise means we can help you develop a full use case for issuing PINs and PIN reminders by SMS in a trustworthy manner. Allynis PIN by SMS has been reviewed and certified by major card associations, such as VISA Europe.

So, this all adds up to a win-win – an engaging experience for your cardholder and significant savings in postage and customer care costs for you. Plus, last but not least, you get the benefits of going paperless and of lowering your carbon footprint.

Instant notification
"Your card has been mailed today"

PIN definition
"I think I'll change my PIN code"


Allynis e-Services

PDF Card issuance in the era of digital channels.

Allynis e-Services


Allynis is our service and consulting offer for financial institutions. Gemalto provides third-party assistance for business demands: data administration, logistics, support, lifecycle management, and loyalty programs. Allynis TSM consulting is geared to helping banks with the transition to NFC technology for innovative banking and marketing opportunities.