Services for Banks

​​​​​Issuance Solutions​​​

Gemalto provides and manages the issuance of smart cards and adjacent services to end-users. Our offer increases customer loyalty, quicker activation and new routes for customer acquisitions, e.g. via personalized payment cards that are secure and made available instantly.
Our issuance solutions are strategically designed for card distribution to end-users with full functionality, easy to use interfaces, and leading security features.
In addition to our selection of central, instant or distributed issuance options of the cards, you'll also find refined packaging and fulfillment options and innovative ways for secure PIN delivery using SMS.

  • Central Issuance

    Our Dexxis Central Issuance solution is comprehensive, fully packaged and pre-configured. It complies with EMVco specifications and PCI security standards as well as Visa and MasterCard certification requirements to handle the whole card personalization process.

    Central Issuance

  • Instant Issuance

    Getting customers up and running quickly with a new payment card is essential in a world in which everyone wants everything NOW.

    Instant Issuance

Perso Services​​​

Gemalto makes the smart card personalization process easy for customers thanks to its innovative portfolio of outsourced services. With 32 personalization centers all ov​er the world including 20 EMV certified ones, Gemalto offers local service with maximum flexibility, reliability and security from the moment the data is received all the way to the moment the card arrives in the users' mailbox.

  • ​​Mainstream Services

    Gemalto offers complete range of personalization and related services for banks, retailers and transport operators.

    Mainstream Services​​​

  • Packaging and Fulfillment

    Gemalto offers highly differentiated and secure packaging solutions, made of high value materials. 
    Gemalto's experts work hand in hand with you to design and produce off-the-shelves or taylor-made packaging solutions that match best your marketing and communication strategies.

    Packaging and Fulfillment​​

  • Vendor Managed Inventory

    Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) helps financial firms manage customer card stock and associated materials. As long as the cards are made and personalized by Gemalto, all you need to do is tell us what you want and we'll take care of everything, saving you time.

    Vendor Managed Inventory​​​

  • Allynis Interactive Portal

    Gemalto has designed Allynis Interactive Portal, a unique web interface for interactive services in real time that supports the evolution and growth of your bank card business. 

    Allynis Interactive Portal​​​

  • eSe​rvices

    Allynis e-Services allows issuers to offer their cardholders a modern, digital and interactive “issuance experience”, using their favorite digital channels: SMS and Internet.


Artwork Solutions

​Gemalto allows issuers, designers and cardholders to actively participate in creating their card – and giving it a more trendy and eye-catching touch. This can be done by using our most innovative Card Customization services.

  • Customized Card design

    Cardholders can personalize their cards with their own pictures, or with a gallery image provided by the bank. This allows bank customers to express themselves and show affinity to a group or team through their cards – hence increasing the use of the specific card.

    Customized Card design

  • Fast Track Samples

    Allynis Sample Card uses an innovative card production technology that shortens the time to realistic sample from weeks to days. The whole process is smooth and streamlined, right down to sample shipment by express courier. Issuers can now test the effects of subtle artwork changes that they simply couldn't justify testing with traditional production processes.

    Fast Track Samples

  • Artwork Development Tool

    Issuers can create eye-catching cards in a faster and easier way, allowing them to mix great artwork with different card options and special printing effects – with the highest quality possible.

    Artwork Development Tool


  • Card Companion

    In a fast-moving market, financial institutions need to enroll customers quickly and effortlessly, give instant answers to questions about their card products and deliver PINs securely.

    Card Companion

  • F​ast Card Replacement

    Gemalto provides banks and financial institutions with a single web portal to operate and monitor their end-to-end fast card replacement service sites around the world. They don't have to deal with and coordinate multiple suppliers.

    Fast Card Replacement