Global Banks: How Gemalto supports Banco Santander to deploy it University card program in Uruguay

Banco Santander University program is the best example of a global project with mass deployment in more than 10 countries and, as of today, more than 4 millions cards in use. Gemalto has proven to be the partner of choice to meet the complex requirements of delivering the same high level of quality products and services anywhere in the world. The solution in place in Uruguay includes the most advanced remote personalization technology developed by Gemalto: Banco Santander Uruguay has been equipped with smart card personalization machines (Evolis) and a PC. When input files are ready, those are sent to Gemalto for secure data processing , then the final personalization data is sent directly to the remote issuance stations in Uruguay. The cards are then issued locally, maximizing the efficiency of the process and allowing customer satisfaction. That brings a maximum level of flexibility to Banco Santander to respond to the Universities needs. In addition, that solution is perfectly scalable upon the demand.

The most important achievement as part of this worldwide program is that Banco Santander has been able, with Gemalto’s help, to spread its Universities program in a large number of countries where it operates. This is a key value for Global Banks who expect to be able to quickly deploy their services in a new market where, following a merger or an acquisition for example, they now operate. Gemalto has the critical size both of man power and technology portfolio to work closely to its Global Banks customer wherever they go.


Banco Santander's University Challenge

PDF A Case Study of the University Smart Card.

Banco Santander's University Challenge [PDF]