Payment as a Service

Payment as a Service​​​​

Move with the times.

As contactless becomes the new norm, people everywhere are now starting to look for ways to enjoy easy tap-n-go payments - using their everyday items; watches, jewelry, waterproof wristbands, cufflinks and caps.

Are you also looking to offer a new digital payment experience on top of your products? Are you looking for a full service, ready and easy to be used by your customers and that can adapt to any type of environment? Gemalto helps some of the world's most progressive companies add certified EMV Contactless functionality to their product lines. It's time for you to join the movement!

​Get it right.

The payment ecosystem is a complex arena where detailed knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements is a must. Being able to manage and issue payments means can require huge IT infrastructure investments and a high level of security expertise. To ensure that you get a solution that is easy to implement and enables you to achieve a high return on investment and solid customer acquisition levels, you'll need support from a firm that has th​e experience, knowledge and global scale to turn your plans into a reality.

Choose a trusted partner to help you launch new payment services onto your products – from early planning to delivery of the payment device.

Learn more about how innovative smartwatch company MyKronoz from Switzerland uses Gemalto to propose to their customers the next-gen of Contactless payments to make easy tap-n-go payment with their smartwatch, whatever their bank or credit card.

Gemalto's Allynis Payment as a Service solution

Gemalto offers a turnkey payment solution that is adapted to your target audience. Our approach majors on ease of implementation: there is no back-end integration. And, thanks to our easy-to-implement APIs, we give you the flexibility to build unique user experiences.

Our one-stop-shop solution provides all the building blocks you need to ensure your system is a success, including: hardware; integration support and end-to-end validation; provisioning services; delivery of the payment service; complete Payment as a Service hosted services; and compliance and relevant licenses.

With Gemalto you can focus on your key business success factors, and rest assured that we will look after every aspect of your payment deployment and help you optimize your time-to-market. 

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