Artwork Development Tool: CardDesigner

Card Designer

Nowadays user demand for new and more innovative card products is booming, and the problem is that the traditional card creation process is not designed to foster creativity and respond to this new market demand. This will change dramatically with Gemalto's solution, CardDesigner. CardDesigner is pioneering technology that simplifies various offline card processes and allows a card to be created and approved using a central online collaboration point. Now, using a full-featured online interface and plug-in tools, card product managers, designers, branding experts, card associations and manufacturing personnel can collaborate to create hundreds of card designs in just a few days.

CardDesigner gives issuers unprecedented control to manage their portfolios, offer greater card design choice and ultimately helps them save time and reduce costs. Thanks to CardDesigner, issuers can now create more artworks at a lesser cost and save between 4 and 8 weeks when introducing a new one. In the end, Gemalto's CardDesigner offers a faster route to market by allowing new cards to be launched and existing cards to be modified quickly, easily and safely.

Allynis Card​Designer

Streamline the design, approval and production of payment cards with CardDesigner.

CardDesigner Features

  • Multi-language configurable wizard for card creation
  • Compliant artwork database, including payment schemes logos logos, holograms and magnetic strips
  • Generation of card simulation files for validation purposes
  • Unlimited secure storage of artworks and cards portfolios
  • Support of industry standard formats (EPS, jpg, png)
  • Optional plug-ins for Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Possibility to order samples of cards
  • Optional digital on-demand printing for small batches