Gemalto's Card Designer

Card Designer

Card Designer

Streamline the design, approval and production of payment cards with Card Designer.

Card Designer gives issuers unprecedented control to manage their portfolios, offer greater card design choice and ultimately helps them save time and reduce costs.

Thanks to Card Designer, issuers can now create more artworks at a lesser cost and save between 4 and 8 weeks when introducing a new one 

  • Faster route to market - new cards can be launched and existing cards modified, quickly, easily and safely
  • Better results - CardDesigner improves collaboration between teams and smooths the validation process
  • Greater creativity - simpler, streamlined processes and unlimited storage give designers all the scope they need
  • Better control - CardDesigner stores and organizes the entire card portfolio
  • Greater opportunities - the print-on-demand option opens up fast and effective access to niche markets

Artwork Development Tool: Card Designer

Card Designer is an online collaborative and interactive package of software and services that streamlines and automates the process of creating and managing payment card artworks. It incorporates:

  • A fully configurable wizard, with multiple language options, for creating and modifying card artworks
  • A database of compliant card artworks elements, including Visa and MasterCard logos, holograms, and magstripes
  • Secure storage for card artworks and any associated documents (such as specifications and relevant emails)
  • Output file generation facilities (JPEG, PNG, EPS or PDF formats) for production or validation purposes
  • Optional plug-ins for Photoshop and Illustrator, enabling designers to retrieve templates and upload designs to CardCompiler from their favorite design tools