Allynis Personalization Services


​Gemalto offers co​​mplete range of personalization and related services for banks, retailers and transport operators.

Smart card personalization is a sophisticated process that involves rigorous handling of highly sensitive data. A dedicated process is mandatory to ensure success encompassing a complete infrastructure, organization, equipment and trained staff.

Gemalto has in-depth experience in personalization services, serving customers in multiple business sectors, across a wide array of applications and for more than 20 years. With the widest range of added-value services in the market and the capacity to personalize from one card to millions of units, Gemalto provides quick and secure personalization of cards and tokens.

Gemalto makes the smart card personalization process easy for customers thanks to its innovative portfolio of outsourced services. With 32 personalization centers all over the world including 20 EMV certified ones, Gemalto offers local service with maximum flexibility, reliability and security from the moment the data is received all the way to the moment the card arrives in the users' mailbox.

Services for banks

Gemalto provides personalization services to over 200 banks over the world. Some examples of the services provided by Gemalto are:

  • Allynis Consulting
  • Allynis Connect: secure data transfer
  • Allynis Personalization: key management, data processing, EMV cards and contactless cards personalization, multi-applications, graphic options...
  • Allynis Editing: customized carriers, selective inserts, secured pin mailers service...
  • Allynis Packaging: advanced packages to deliver cards in style
  • Allynis Added Services: card acceleration, dedicated reporting, stock management, adapted issuance options, card postage returns, changes management, back-up plan, peak volume management...
  • Allynis Issuance Manager: card and order tracking, card acceleration management... via the Web

Services for retailers

The retail market is highly competitive and the card itself became a lifestyle icon. Gemalto helps to increase customer acquisition and retention with services such as:

  • Allynis Connect: secure data transfer
  • Allynis Personalization: gift cards, loyalty cards personalization, multi-applications..
  • Allynis Editing & Packaging: innovative carriers & packaging to surprise the customer
  • Allynis Added Services: reporting, stock management, adapted issuance options, card postage returnsGemalto Instant Issuance Solutions

Services for transport operators

Gemalto helps Mass Transit Operators during their implementation of contactless ticketing infrastructures with:

  • Allynis Connect: secure data transfer
  • Allynis Personalization: transport contactless cards mass personalization, encrypted access keys, rights management, color printing for ID photo, company logo or barcode, protective overlay ...
  • Allynis Editing & Packaging: handy and innovative packaging for an easy use of the card
  • Allynis Added Services: card postage returns , customized issuance options...