Allynis PIN by e-Channels


Gemalto provides issuers with a way of offering their​ cardholders a fast, seamless and interactive card renewal experience, leveraging electronic channels technology.

PIN by E-channels
"Your Pin code is 6724"

Imagine one of your customers has requested a new card. As soon as the card is shipped, an SMS notifies him when the card is dispactched and provide at the same time different electronic channels to get the PIN code. What’s more, if they forget their PIN at any time during the card life, you can send them a reminder, securely, via different electronic channels.

That’s the kind of modern, digital experience your customers expect – and that you can offer them today with PIN by e-Channels. The beauty of the technology is how it speeds everything up and helps position you at the top of your customers’ wallets. And the more active cards you have in circulation, the more likely you are to boost your revenues. For example, if you issue 1 million cards annually, having just 1% more active cards could generate 1 million euros a year in extra revenue. Now, imagine that you can provide the PIN code in a few seconds instead of days! This time reduction can be translated in more transactions and more revenue for your cards offer.

PIN by e-Channels is part of our e-Services suite, and is networked to all telecoms operators in the world. That means you can reach each and every one of your mobile-equipped cardholders. A real-time personalization tracking system allows you to monitor when every individual card is mailed and track the PIN delivery process.

Gemalto’s solution is PCI-CP-compliant** and certified by all payment associations to safely and securely communicate PINs to cardholders. This compliance means it meets both PCI Card Production Physical Security Requirements and PCI Card Production Logical Security Requirements. Our solution enables card issuers to get their PIN by e-Channels service up and running fast. It builds on our global experience in the payments cards and telecoms industry, so you can rely on us to provide expertise from our portfolio that also includes electronic PIN distribution via SMS, web and Smartphone applications.

Gemalto offers a certified service hosted by the Gemalto DataCenter. This is available regardless of whether Gemalto or another company carries out the card personalization. The service covers the initial PIN distribution (with a new card) as well as PIN reminder (to existing cardholders) and PIN definition. Plus it provides a service based on both batch and web service interfaces.

This all adds up to a win-win situation – you provide your cardholders with an engaging, fast and simple experience, while you save significant postage and customer care costs. Plus you get all the benefits of going paperless and lowering your carbon footprint, while increasing the number of active cards in circulation. Provide to your customers an excellent service thanks to PIN by e-Channels services.

(*)Based on a 2.5 million unit card base if the annual income per card is 40 euros. Extra revenue = 2.5million x 1% x 40 euros.
(**) PCI-Card Production​


Instant notification

"Your card has been mailed today".


PIN definition

"I think I'll change my PIN code"

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