Digital PIN

​​​​​​​Gemalto Digital PIN at the heart of the customer enrollment


​​​​​​​​Gemalto Digital PIN provides issuers with a way of offering their customers a fast, seamless and interactive way to activate & use their payment card as soon as they get it in hand, leveraging on secure and well known electronic channels.

​​​​​​​​​Digital PIN delivery​​

Imagine one of your customers has requested a new card. As soon as the card is shipped, an SMS notifies him when the card is dispatched at the same time providing a choice for how they want to receive their PIN code. What's more, if they forget their PIN at any time during the life span of the card, you can send them a reminder, securely, via their preferred electronic channel.​

​Pin by SMS

  • ​​Use of SMS infrastructure to deliver the PIN
  • No need of internet Connection or to possess a Smartphone
  • Huge cost sa​vings to more traditional methods of delivery
  • PIN code message replaced by a new SMS to overcome any security breach
  • Certified by Visa & approved by MasterCard​

Pin by SMS 

Pin by App

  • Incorporate  PIN delivery options within your mobile banking App
  • Easy integration & delivery
  • Secure PIN display by captcha​

Pin by App 

Pin by Web

  • Include PIN delivery functionality to your banking website
  • Enforce end-to-end security
  • Re-assure the customer by integrating it securely within a  familiar and known branded website to improve customer (technological) acceptance (of the service)
  • Promote Internet channels​

​Pin by Web 

​The beauty of the technology is how it speeds everything up and helps position you at the top of your customers' wallets. And the more active cards you have in circulation, the more likely you are to boost your revenues. ​​​​​

​Gem​alto offers a safe, secure and certified service

  • PCI-CP-compliant: both PCI Card Production Physical Security Requirements and PCI Card Production Logical Security Requirements.
  • PIN delivery by electronic methods certified by Visa
  • PIN Distribution certified by diverse local schemes
  • Real-time personalization tracking system to monitor the card reception and track the PIN delivery process​

Build your PIN strategy with Gemalto​​

Gemalto’s "PIN Management" service encompasses all PIN possibilities, from the initial PIN distribution (with a new card), PIN definition (choose a memorable code), as well as PIN reminder (to existing cardholders) 

Pi​​​n distribution via eChannels​​ 

Pi​​​n distribution via eChannels​​

  • Align with the move into digital & low carbon footprint: brand image and differentiation
  • Interactive experience & increase customer satisfaction
  • Drive revenue with an omni-channel approach, faster delivery and card activation on-the-spot
  • PIN Reminder option supported by PIN distribution:
    • Higher level of service with real-time reminder
    • Increase usage and avoid card block
  • Fallback to PIN mailer process for the scenarios requested by the issuer

Pin definition: easy memeorable pin code 

Pi​​​n definition​​

  • Easy memorable code
  • Less card blocked scenarios meaning more transactions and more revenue for you.

This all adds up to a win-win situation – you provide your cardholders with an engaging, fast and simple experience, while you save significant postage and customer care costs.

​​​​​​​​That's the kind of modern, digital experience your customers expect – and that you can offer them today with Gemalto Digital PIN.​