Gemalto Digital PIN: a new step towards digital transformation

Gemalto Digital PIN provides banks with a way of offering their cardholders a fast, seamless and interactive way to activate & use their payment card as soon as they get it in hand, leveraging on secure and well known electronic channels.

This solution provides an interactive experience for cardholders and aligns with the move into digital as well as a low carbon footprint for banks. This all adds up to a win-win situation, increasing customer satisfaction, creating a new brand image all while saving on significant postage and customer care costs.

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​

​A simple, secure and certified service

The Gemalto Digital PIN offer encompasses all PIN possibilities, from the initial PIN distribution (with a new card), PIN reminder (to existing cardholders), PIN definition (choose a memorable code).

Gemalto also offers Notification Services (linked to card production and based on card status).

The Gemalto Digital PIN is a certified service:

  • PCI-CP-compliant: both PCI Card Production Physical Security Requirements and PCI Card Production Logical Security Requirements
  • PIN delivery by electronic methods certified by Visa and approved by MasterCard
  • PIN distribution certified by diverse local schemes
Pi​​​n distribution via eChannels​​

​PIN Distribution

Pin by SMS 

The PIN by SMS is a cost effective method that requires neither an internet connection nor a smartphone. After receiving an SMS telling them their new PIN is available, the cardholders reply by sending their predefined authentication code to obtain their PIN. Very shortly after the process is complete, the PIN received is replaced by a new SMS to overcome any security issues.

Pin by App  

The PIN by App function is embedded within a mobile banking application to receive the PIN. It provides some advanced features such as a secure PIN display, where the PIN is displayed in a captcha mode developed by Gemalto. Cardholders that are already familiar with an application won’t be fazed when the PIN distribution by app is offered as a new added-value service.

​Pin by Web  

The PIN by Web function is integrated into a bank’s website so that PIN delivery can be provided to cardholders online. Using the same familiar branded web interface makes it more convenient for them and it is also a way to help the move to digital channels. PIN by Web enables cardholders to use the banking or ebanking site to check their account as well as get a PIN for their card.

​PIN Definition

Pin Definition 

PIN Definition gives the cardholders the option of defining their own PIN for their new card through a mobile banking application or website. This self-select PIN option means they can pick a memorable code for their card. It also helps cut costs for banks as they get fewer calls to their helpdesk and fewer cards blocked.

Notification Services

Real time notification 

The Notification Services are linked to card production and based on card status. For example,this allows cardholders to be informed in real time of the status of their card delivery with an SMS notifying them when their card has been dispatched. Banks can also leverage on this service to initiate the delivery of the PIN code to the cardholder.