Graphical Personalization

​​Graphical personalization involves any variable information that is put on the card surface. This can include  cardholder name or any other unique identifier such as  credit card number, validity date, etc.

Graphical Personalization

Gemalto offers card issuers a range of graphical personalization techniques such as embossing/indent, thermal transfer and laser with options such as barcode, photo and label to be printed on the card.

A new option is now entering our portfolio: the Drop On Demand printing.

What is new to​day?

The Drop On Demand printing

The Drop On Demand printing:

  • ​4 times better abrasion resistance and adhesion than thermal transfer
  • A higher print resolution,accuracy and durability than other graphical personalization techniques
  • The most flexible personalization options (font, size, placement, color)
  • More visual possibilities: combination & large range of colors ​
  • Approved by most international payment schemes – including Visa and MasterCard.

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Commonly used in the printing industry, the Drop on Demand printing is an inkjet personalization  appreciated for its highest flexibility.

Visually, it differs from the embossing or indent printing as the printing is done without height or depth variations, kind of “flat” personalization. 

The first time Drop​-on-Demand technology will be used for EMV cards​​

Gemalto has developed the first innovative technology able to apply inkjet printing to personalize EMV cards.
Our EMV cards can fully benefit of this highest flexibility, print accuracy and durability such as full card area personalization, signatures, barcodes, QR codes...

Ezio eBanking Security suite

The Dynamic Code Verification card which is an issuer-centric card-not-present (CNP) security solution based on a payment display card is personalized using the Drop On Demand printing.
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