Graphical personalization

​​​​​​​Dare to ​​be unique​​​ by getting a unique banking card with Gemalto​​

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​​​​Graphical Personalization

Transparent Card  


Delivers an elegant finish and tactile feel to the card with a golden or silver topping.​

Transparent Card  


The preferred technique for text on the back of the card. Slightly engraved and filled with Black or White ink.​

Transparent Card  

Ul​tra Graphic / Thermal transfer

Print both images and text in many colors for a complete branded and personalized card.​

Transparent Card  


High-end burning technique that allows bar codes, images and even smart characters on the card. For quality and a luxurious look & feel.​

Transparent Card  

Dr​​op On-Demand​

For innovation, creativity and quality. Resistant inkjet printing technique that gives a slight ‘topping’ effect on the card. Horizontally & vertically with the option to choose from many colors.

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Personalization Options

Transparent Card  

M​agstripe Printing

A smart way of using space to communicate, using black or silver text.