Allynis Sample Card

​​​​​Fast Card Issuance

… or the fast card issuance for your new creative design validation

​​Allynis Sample Card takes the brakes off new card design!

This "Work of Art" service uses innovative technologies that shortens the time to realistic samples from weeks to days! Additionally, the bank marketing team can request prototype cards which directly uses our exotic plastics and effects for a better appreciation and validation of the new designs!

Fast Card DeliveryWhat make​s it different…

  • Test your new designs swiftly and with no limit of revisions!
  • Cheaper and faster compared to the traditional press-proof
  • Brings peace of mind : Trust in our Gemalto production experts to advice and validate your new card designs for massive production
  • Brings more confidence to validate prototype cards against paper proof or digital proof
For the banks wh​o want to…
  • Confirm and validate eye-catching creative card artworks to be top of the wallet of your cardholders!
  • Work on attractive new designs using modern plastics and special effects
  • Execute your most imaginative designs with real prototype samples
  • Fast issuance and approval processes of new card designs

Have your samp​les issued in less than 5 days!

Better for issuers

Allynis Sample Card tak​​​es the brakes off new card design:

  • Releases creativity - issuers can test out new designs and materials and make the subtle changes that turn a good design into a great one
  • Speeds time to market - Allynis Sample Card cuts sample production time from months to days
  • Reduces risk - now issuers can commit to a card design, confident that they'll get exactly what they expect.
  • Brings peace of mind - access to Gemalto specialists during sample production ensures that the final design is completely suitable for manufacture

Allynis Sample Card frees designers from the need to 'play safe' - and that means more creative designs for users to enjoy.