Vendor Managed Inventory

Gemalto takes over responsibility for card ordering and stock management for you!

​​If you want your financial business to remain successful you'll know how essential it is to manage every part of your supply chain, especially if you're involved in global sourcing.​

So we've devised a unique solution that cuts your costs and boosts your efficiency and customer responsiveness, by helping you to fulfil your main objective: ensuring that cardholders always get their card delivered on time.

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) helps financial firms manage customer card stock and associated materials. As long as the cards are made and personalized by Gemalto, all you need to do is tell us what you want and we'll take care of everything, saving you time.

The VMI process is simple:

  • You send us your forecast;
  • We enter it into our Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system and ensure we have sufficient stock;
  • We start manufacturing the cards and associated materials.

Based on your forecast, we decide how many cards to order and produce and when, to make sure they are delivered on time. We take full responsibility for order management and stock control, so you avoid the ever-present risk of running out of stock. And because we know you might find it difficult to produce an accurate forecast. The VMI can cover small variations using safety/buffer stock agreed in advance.

VMI offers your business a number of advantages:

  • You only pay for the cards when they are personalized, helping you to manage your card production and distribution costs and optimize your cash flow;
  • There's no risk of running out of stock because we manage the inventory and orders according to your forecasts;
  • Our flexible manufacturing capacity enables you to avoid shortfalls and offer your customers a consistent and reliable service;
  • You save on admin time because there is one single purchase order for the service and no paperwork to complete afterwards.​