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Bringing value to payments on mobile

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Who is Mobile Payment for?

Our mobile payment offer is designed for developed and semi-developed markets. It directly addresses the needs of banks, mobile network operators (MNOs), payment service providers and retailers.

Benefits for Banks

Mobile Payment solutions enable remote and proximity payments for digital and physical goods and services, whether in-store or online, using the mobile device.
Mobile Payment creates value for service providers by:

  • Creating new sources of revenue from m-commerce, including digital and physical goods, micro and macro-payments
  • Stimulating the existing customer base with value-added-services, and reducing churn
  • Extending market reach to new customer segments through prepaid payment schemes
  • Providing instant issuance of mobile wallets, removing barriers to customer adoption and enabling viral distribution
  • For retailers, mobile payment provides a “face” to previously anonymous customers, allowing retailers to enhance the payment experience with focused offers, benefits and added-value services on top of the standard transaction.

Benefits for End-Users

Mobile payment offers end-users the mobility, flexibility, absolute security and convenience to carry out payments from the mobile device, in place of traditional payment instruments like cash, cards and cheques. End-users will not have to disclose sensitive account and card data upon payment, rather transition into a one-click payment experience for:

  • Person to Person transfers (Peer-to-Peer)
  • Online payments
  • Bill payment
  • Remote and proximity merchant payments
  • Cross-border money transfer (international remittance)

End-users can leave their wallets at home, as they'll only need their mobile phone to make payments. Rewards and offers linked to the customer's specific payment habits and shopping needs can be delivered directly to the mobile phone.

What's in Our Offer?

Gemalto's Mobile Payment solution creates a real-life wallet experience, securely bundling together cards, bank accounts, prepaid value, and other traditional payment instruments, to allow simple payment from the mobile device; The mobile phone can thus replace credit and debit cards, tickets, cheques and cash for most purposes. It also provides a wallet for digital receipts, coupons, vouchers, loyalty /gift cards, boarding passes and much more. Moreover, the mobile wallet can also offer access to the mobile network operator's billing systems for direct-to-bill charges.

With mobile payment, the phone, coupled with secure mobile wallet credentials known only to the customer, represents the customer's various funding sources in any type of payment transaction and over any digital channel. The solution provides 2-two-factor authentication for securely carrying out payments to merchants, money transfers to friends and family domestically or overseas, paying bills and shopping online – all without exposing sensitive account details or card data.

Beyond managing the full range of payment transactions, the Gemalto Mobile Payment solution enables issuance of pre-paid accounts that draw on stored value. Customers load the accounts with money from P2P transfers, cash deposits or bank/card transfers – and then use the prepaid value at any affiliated merchants. Unique benefits, perks and loyalty programs help drive the use of these accounts, which are widely popular with youth, the under-banked, unbanked and immigrant populations, while also being highly appealing to customers with spending concerns or limited credit.


Mobile Payment

Gemalto Mobile Payment Services

Bringing value to payments on mobile.

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Gemalto Mobile Retail Solutions

Why Gemalto?

Rich mobile financial services require bank-grade security, a deep understanding of the mobile environment and usability expertise. Gemalto's best-in-class software solutions, innovative vision and unique security technology are at the heart of a wide range of Mobile Financial Services, extending from Mobile Payment, and Mobile NFC for proximity payments (over-the-air issuance of contactless payment cards) to International Mobile Money Transfer.

Gemalto enables service providers to evolve services over time, introduce new features and capabilities, while keeping a secure and unified customer experience via the Mobile Wallet and leveraging on the convergence of technology and use cases.

With dozens of deployments worldwide of Mobile Financial Services, Gemalto's solutions are helping service providers anticipate and respond to customers' needs in terms of financial management, payments and banking products directly through the mobile phone.
Gemalto's mobile payment solution provides end-to-end secure transaction management with superior user experience, and allows the creation of new payment schemes through easy merchant acquisition.

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