Mobile ID

​​​​Revolutionizing access to online services for billions of people

LinqUs Mobile ID provides a universal and secure single means of authentication to a wide range of online services from e-merchants, banks, enterprises and public bodies.

As internet activity grows exponentially, people are experiencing painful digital journeys, having to deal with multiple usernames and passwords, with no trust in the security of their online identities and privacy. Mobile ID

Find more information in the infographic: 2.7 billion people are frustrated by their digital experience.

Gemalto's LinqUs Mobile ID offers universal online authentication​​​

Mobile ID provides the missing link between security and convenience, removing your customers' frustration, delays and vulnerability when authenticating to online services. Watch this short video to discover more:

LinqUs Mobile ID allows your customers to access online services in a private, trusted and secure environment. It enhances privacy protection, reduces the risk of identity theft and simplifies login to a large range of online services.

A very user-friendly authentication journey

With LinqUs Mobile ID, online users can now easily and securely authenticate, confirm transactions and payments, and digitally sign documents. They simply have to enter their phone number as their unique username, and upon receipt of an context-aware instant push notification on their mobile phone from the service provider, they can complete the process by simply tapping on the 'OK' button displayed, or by entering their unique personal password, depending on the level of security required by the service.

Slide the images to discover how simple authentication works with Mobile ID

A very user-friendly authentication journey

Mobile ID Sign in 
Enter Mobile ID login 
Connect, Confirm or Sign 
You are authenticated 

Mobile ID sign in

You have now signed in to Mobile ID. You can use your phone number as your unique log-in, and your PIN as a unique password, to authenticate with many online service providers.

Log-in on any device

You are now ready to go. Enter your unique log-in to authenticate with your favorite e-merchant, social media, your bank or your administration. Doesn’t it feel great not having to remember multiple usernames anymore?

Connect, Confirm or Sign via your mobile phone

You can now validate your authentication with your mobile, simply by tapping the ‘OK’ button or entering your unique PIN. It is all securely based on your SIM and a dedicated authentication server. You can relax and enjoy the simple process with total confidence.

You are already authenticated in two easy steps

That’s it. You can now enjoy even more advanced and innovative services from your favorite online service providers. You have probably noticed this simple journey has removed the frustration, delay and vulnerability from your web surfing.

GSMA Mobile Connect

Gemalto’s LinqUs Mobile ID is compliant with the guidelines set by GSMA Mobile Connect, the worldwide initiative streamlining authentication for all online services. With this improved authentication process that is readily available for any level of security required, online service providers can offer even more innovative services, develop new revenue streams and make significant savings by boosting conversion rates, reducing fraud and streamlining their business structures.

Our solution

LinqUs Mobile ID encompasses three compatible feature-offers that address all levels of assurance defined by the GSMA. The authentication method can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of any online service provider:

Secure online authentication

Gemalto's LinqUs Mobile ID works on any handset, via software applications embedded in the SIM that can be instantly deployed over the air to a mobile operator's customer base, and are further secured through a dedicated authentication server. 

The solution embeds different security schemes, ranging from basic acknowledgement verification and out-of-band authentication to sophisticated mechanisms such as OATH or PKI. This allows a host of banks, enterprises, e-merchants and public bodies to leverage a single Mobile ID scheme to deliver innovative services on an anytime everywhere basis.

Use Case Mobile ID Access Mobile ID Confirm Mobile ID SignUser Experience
One Log-in Click 'OK'
Strong Authentication 
Transaction Validation  Enter Unique PIN Code
Digital Signature  
Qualified Digital Signature  
Web / Consumer

Enterprise / Bank

Governement / Bank

The benefits

For end-users:

  • Fast and simple online authentication
  • Convenient single ID password 
  • Protect privacy and reinforce online security

For service providers:

  • Web services: more transactions thanks to a simpler user journey
  • Banks: enhance the promotion of online and mobile sales channels
  • Enterprises: match employees’ mobility and data security
  • Governments: reduce administration costs and time frame

For mobile network operators:

  • Address a large range of service providers whatever the security level required
  • Fast and flexible deployment 
  • Leverage new revenue streams for authentication services and ID brokerage
  • GSMA Mobile Connect Compliant


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