Trusted Service Management for NFC

​​​Trusted pa​rtner for NFC services deployment and secure provisioning of credential management


​​​Trusted partner for NFC services deployment and secure provisioning of credential management 

Used for Transport Transport , Banks Banks  and Mobile Operators  Operators
Proximity payment | Issuance and lifecycle management of NFC servi​ces for service providers | NFC Service Engine administration for MNO | Couponing & loyalty programs

Who is Mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) for?

We offer NFC solutions to mobile network operators (MNOs), banks, transport operators and retailers who intend to deploy mobile NFC services.

Benefits for end-users

NFC brings a new dimension to mobile commerce by revolutionizing the consumer shopping experience. For example, it allows them to make mobile payments simply by waving their phone at a payment terminal.

All existing plastic card and coupon details are stored in a virtual NFC wallet on the end-user's mobile. They can then pay, collect loyalty points and redeem coupons by simply waving their phones near point-of-sales terminals.

Benefits for financial institutions

Financial institutions intend to use NFC payment to replace cash, which in 2010 still represented a huge number of payment transactions made globall.

In addition, they view NFC as a new way to:
• Enhance their relationship with their customers
• Drive the use of mobile services such as mobile banking and money transfers

What’s in Our Offer?

There are many exciting applications for mobile NFC that will make consumers' lives easier.

For example, end-users could download a mobile ticketing application to their phone, allowing them to buy transport tickets on the move.

Once purchased, the ticket is downloaded directly to the secure element of the phone. It can then be used by waving the phone over the reader on the bus or train.

Searching for ticket vending machines and queuing at rush hour will be a thing of the past.

Why Gemalto?

Gemalto is the world’s trusted service manager and our reputation is built on the security and quality of our services.

We provide solutions and services to MNOs, banks, transport operators and retailers for the secure installation and management of NFC applications on mobile phones.

With our in-depth knowledge of the telecoms and banking sectors and an unrivalled track record through 45 NFC projects worldwide by 2011, we are ideally positioned to successfully support our customers in their NFC initiatives.

Case studies

TSM Nordic is a company owned by Telenor, Norway’s leading mobile operator with 3 million subscribers and DNB, the largest financial services provider with 2 million customers.
TSM Nordic chose Gemalto as the technology partner to provide Norway with its first NFC payment service.
TSM Nordic’s requirements was to deploy as quickly as possible a future-proof and interoperable mobile payment solution for multiple players. Gemalto’ s TSM Hub platform is at the heart of this new interoperable eco-system to accelerate the quick on-boarding of mobile operators, banks, public transport authorities and other service providers over time. It acts as a single connection point from which all players can plug into to provide and manage mobile contactless services.
Beyond Norway, this new eco-system is expected to expand across the entire Nordic region.​