Ezio is a Complete Turn-Key Offering

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Gemalto is a one-stop shop for everything you need for eBanking security, from consultancy through back-end authentication servers to manufacturing, personalizing and distributing security tokens, mobile applications and devices worldwide.

As banks increase the number and sophistication of their online offerings, they need a reliable partner to ensure that they can deliver them security. Authentication, digital signatures and non-repudiation are essential to provide a framework of trust online.

However, banks are under pressure to "do more with less". This is why they need a partner like Gemalto, who can take care of all the non-core activities required to deliver that framework.

  • Ezio Suite

    Gemalto's Ezio Suite brings together a unique authentication server, plug-in modules and a range of authentication devices. The result is a completely flexible, future-proof system that lets you mix and match authentication devices, standards and algorithms. It also supports advanced technology such as Sign-What-You-See.

    Ezio Suite

  • Ezio Devices

    Our selection of tokens, EMV card readers, PKI-tokens and more is the market's most comprehensive range.

    Ezio Devices

  • Ezio Software Solutions

    Ezio software solutions provide a quick and effective response to web-based attacks.

    Ezio Software Solutions

  • Ezio Server

    The Ezio Server is a multi-channel, multi-token and vendor-agnostic solution that supports all forms of authentication technologies.

    Ezio Server

  • Ezio Way

    Ezio Way is our 9-step methodology providing your with an easy way to your new and secure eBanking Solution. It encompasses both services and solutions and shows by example how you can benefit best from your investment.



Ezio Suite

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Ezio Services

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