Ezio Server – the heart of the Ezio Suite

​The world is changing fast with new standards, new threats and new consumer behaviors.
With Gemalto's Ezio Server, you have an off-the-shelf server appliance that is open to your needs, as well as to your different customer segments. Neutral to which tokens you wish to use and ready to face the challenges of today as well as the possibilities of tomorrow. Simply, it's a server open to your way.


Ezio Server

The Ezio Server is a multi-channel, multi-token and vendor-agnostic authentication solution that supports all forms of authentication technologies - across all channels.

The Complete Ezio
eBanking Security Suite

Your token

Ezio online banking tokens for authentication and transaction signing. Designed for your customers, fast to deploy and prepared for your next step.
From the world lead in digital security.

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eBanking Security

We hope to be your guide towards a more reliable and strategic eBanking security solution. This site, our guidebook and the seminars are designed to help you start asking the right questions, make the right choices and allocate the resources and time need to succeed.

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The purpose of this guide is to give you and overview of the process of preparing and implementing an eBanking security solution. to help you avoid the pitfalls and, above all, realize the possibilities.

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