Ezio Suite

The Gemalto Ezio System and our Ezio devices – together the Ezio Suite – are the heart of what we do. They create the bond of trust between our clients and their customers. We focus all our research and development efforts on making them better and, as a result, we have built the most comprehensive remote authentication offering you can get.

The Ezio System starts with a unique server, namely the Ezio Server. The Ezio Server supports every kind of authentication technology, including two-factor authentication such as One Time Passwords (OTP), Double Authentication or Challenge/Response and more advanced transaction verification methods such as Dynamic Signatures and Secure Domain Separation.

The Ezio Server is the heart of the Ezio System. It is completely configurable. Not only can you use different kinds of authentication technology but it also allows you to mix and match authentication devices. You can issue different devices to different types of customers. You can even give individual customers multiple devices at the same time. The result is a future-proof system that makes it easy to get started with authentication and easy to migrate from one set of devices to another.

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Håkan Nordfjell, SVP and Peter Gullberg, Tech Strategy explain the core benefits of Gemalto's Ezio Suite -- the market's most comprehensive, versatile and easy-to-implement eBanking security solution. Furthermore, they exemplify the Ezio Suite's power by focusing on Gemalto's advanced Connectable Smart Card Readers and our Display Card offering..


Thanks to its ability to support several authentication solutions simultaneously, Ezio Suite allows the bank’s customers to use several devices and login credentials at the same time. For example, customers can use multiple credit or debit cards and you can control which services they can access depending on which card they use. This flexibility makes the Ezio Suite popular with customers and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Have it your way

A key feature of the Ezio System lets you pick and mix from our selection of modules, including:

  • Retail eBanking
  • Corporate eBanking
  • Mobile banking
  • Telephone banking
  • eCommerce
  • eBroker
  • Multi-issuer setup


The Gemalto Ezio Suite enables a step-by-step authentication upgrade path from OTP to transaction verification. With Ezio Suite, you have constant access to the latest in eBanking technology. Our approach lets banks expand online while reducing costs and retaining customers.


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