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We help governments, national printers and integrators design and roll-out secure documents and robust digital identity solutions. 

Beyond the traditional enroll​ment, personalization and issuance services, our eGovernment infrastructure and innovative applications will help win citizen's acceptance and boost usage. A leader in digital identity solutions, we are active in over 100 government programs worldwide. ​

The success of YOUR project
Gemalto's experience, solutions and resource are key assets for the success of your project: 

  • Leverage best practices with Gemalto, drawing on our involvement in over 30 electronic passport programs, more than 40 national ID initiatives, 20 citizen and voter registration programs, numerous driver's license, health and social schemes worldwide
  • Mobilize our experienced service teams and established network of partners to support your program

And every step of the way, Gemalto will do more than simply listen and make sure that the solution is shaped precisely to your unique requirements.

Why not base your program on tactics that are already proven to work?
Learn more from our best case studies below.

  • Reaping more digital dividends: eGov services and eID schemes

    How can YOUR citizens, public and private organizations reap the digital dividends faster? Why not leverage your program on tactics that are already proven to work?

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 Case Studies

  • Electronic passport: Norway’s case

    Electronic passport: Norway’s case

    To respond to the Norwegian authorities’ stringent requests, Gemalto opened a new personalization center to provide a complete ePassport product.

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    • Maryland MVA New Driver’s License – Success Story

    • Fly to Gate: Airport self-service solutions for a smoother traveler journey

    • ID Verification to apply for an e-visa

    • ID Verification Online

    • ID Verification In-Store

    • Coeysis Biometric tablet


  • Posted on May 23, 2017

    Teslin, Polycarbonate and PET/PVC Composite: A Guide to Secure Driver’s License & ID Substrates

    The REAL ID Act has prompted authorities to review the materials used in their documents. We compare the options.

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