​​​​​​​Access Control

Access Control

Access control provides security by granting authenticated users access to specific areas. We offer a complete range of biometric access control products that can be customized according to user needs.

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​ ​Background Checks

Background Checks

We offer a range of applicant fingerprinting options that can be linked to major background check databases. We work in conjunction with state agencies, police agencies, and businesses to provide statewide access to applicant fingerprint processing services for fingerprint-based background checks.

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Fingerprint Scanners

Biometric Scanners

Scanning devices for fingerprint, palm print, face, and iris capture for identification, verification and enrollment solutions.

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Biometric software

Biometric Software

Software and development tools which can be used to enroll biometric data, perform biometric verification and identification, and more.

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Fingerprint Scanners

CUGI Forum

Cogent User Group International (CUGI) brings together Cogent AFIS users to learn and share industry best practices.

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Biometric software

Eagle II Program

Cogent is an awardee in the Unrestricted Track for Functional Category 1 – Service Delivery of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Eagle II Program.

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