Fingerprint-based Background Checks and Applicant Processing

​​​​​​​Applicant Fingerprinting Services

Who is being fingerprinted?​​​​​​

State and local governments may request background checks for employment and licensing purposes if the action has been authorized by a state statute. In many states, employment and licensing categories include real estate and mortgage-related licenses, child care-related licenses, private and public employment background checks, gun permits, and more.

Applicant Fingerprinting Services

Applicant Fingerprinting Services provide the ability for applicants to have fingerprint background checks processed electronically in a non-criminal justice environment. Our website,, provides secure online registration where the applicants and/ or agencies can enroll, pay fees, find in-depth instructions, get answers to frequently asked questions, and find many other support resources.

Fingerprint services near me

Our national network of Fingerprint Service Providers includes thousands of Applicant Fingerprint Service Sites and FBI-Channeling Sites across the United States and Canada, facilitating over 2 million applicant transactions a year.

Fingerprinting equipment configuration

The typical solution includes a notebook or desktop computer, the Gemalto Cogent Tenprint Scanner CS500e​, and Gemalto Cogent Applicant LiveScan software.

Additional optional components may include:

  • a digital camera,
  • a signature capture pad,
  • a barcode reader,
  • a magnetic stripe reader,
  • a touch screen monitor,
  • and an FBI-certified laser printer.

There's more.

We provide comprehensive training of all Applicant Livescan Operators (ALOs) at the time of equipment installation.​


  • Fingerprint-based background check services for governments

    Gemalto Cogent Applicant Processing

    Easy, efficient and compliant for agencies and their applicants

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  • Gemalto Cogent makes digital fingerprinting and applicant processing easy

    Gemalto Cogent Applicant Processing for Private Businesses

    Streamline your employee background screening process with an in-house applicant fingerprinting system

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  • Add digital fingerprinting services to your current service offering

    Gemalto Cogent Applicant Processing for Retail Businesses

    Easily increase foot traffic and generate additional revenue by adding fingerprinting services to your current service offering

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