Gemalto Government Customer stories: eBorder and Visa


  • Gabon announces the introduction of electronic visas

    Gabon announces the introduction of electronic visas

    Travelers to the Central African nation of Gabon can now apply for visas online. This latest innovation named “e-Visa” forms part of the country’s e-government projects, which are aimed at making public services more accessible.

    Gabon can now apply for visas online
  • Ghana's e-Immigration solution.


    Enabling sound migration policy with technology: Ghana's e-Immigration solution.

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  • Flag of Croatia


    In late 2010, Gemalto was chosen to upgrade Croatia’s border control system with Coesys Document Verification and a fully mobile version of the Coesys Border Management ​system to run in biometric handheld devices. Our local partner, IN2 Croatia, turned to us to provide a secure quality assurance solution for the manufacturing of the Croatian passport.Coesys ID Verification has been deployed by the National Printing House (AKD) to analyze and validate all personalized passports prior to issuance.

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  • Flag of Argentina


    As of September 2011, with prime contractor VALID Argentina, the company started to deliver state-of-the art biometric live enrolment systems for all embassies & consulates around the globe for the issuance of all national travel & id documents.

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  • Norway, Oslo airport


    Gemalto's eBorder solution uses automatic passport verification and facial-recognition technology to provide citizens with a quick journey through Oslo's Gardermoen Airport.

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  • Republic of South Africa

    Republic of South Africa

    South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs turned to Gemalto to implement its Refugee and National Deportation system, which was implemented in two phases and completed in 2008.

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