eGovernment Applications

​​​​​​eGovernment Applications

Coesys Applications Porfolio : eGovernment applications to boost e-Services and contribute to national sustainability policies

e-ID has become a real catalyst for the success of e-Government particularly in countries where applications have been carefully put in place, demonstrating that e-ID is an efficient tool for the exercising and protection of citizens' rights and bringing added value to citizens, government authorities and businesses.

Gemalto's Coesys Applications Portfolio is a set of concrete applications in order to:

  • Increase security and privacy for all
  • Enable administrations to increase agility and quality of services
  • Strengthen and improve the link between citizens and collective bodies

Out of the 30+ e-ID card projects that have been rolled out worldwide, Gemalto is proud to have contributed to some 16 of these. The company has been able to develop tailored applications now available via its new Coesys Applications Portfolio.

Traveller's ID eVerification on-the-go
Traveller's ID eVerification at the gate
Secure eVoting List
On-line eVoting
On-line Tax
eID for Payment
Patient's Entitlement eVerification
Medical Expense eClaim
On-line Driving License & Vehicle Registration Services