Coesys Enrollment solutions

​​​​​​​​​​​​Trusted Solutions for Identity and Travel Documents

Countries around the world are facing the need to rethink their enrollment procedures for issuing e-passports, identity and healthcare cards, driver licenses and e-visas. Facial recognition processes requiring high-quality capture and fingerprint checks are posing new challenges to existing systems. Governments and agencies must now adapt to these new technologies without compromising security and take advantage of new technological breakthroughs to offer better services.


Gemalto has numerous customer references such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Morocco or Estonia for passports, Algeria for healthcare, Benin and Burkina Faso for national elections to name a few.

Gemalto has developed a strong expertise with the successful deployment of a complete live enrollment solution with its award-winning Coesys Mobile (2011 US Homeland Security Award – Best Biometric Identification Device).

Leveraging this expertise, Gemalto is providing a time-saving generic enrollment engine designed to speed-up data capture, to ensure high quality of biometric data and to verify applicant’s identity. Coesys Enrollment offers many facilities for the officer to enter quickly personal data, e.g. using paper form scanning or reading an existing Identity Document. The solution also includes a proven face finder and portrait enhancement module and a fingerprint extraction module, compatible with several types of pre-selected equipments such as single or slap fingerprint scanners.

Coesys Enrollment can also conduct document authenticity verification and fingerprint matching to ensure the applicant’s identity during the enrollment process or during the document delivery.
Coesys Enrollment Solutions are all using the same core software layer which can be adapted to many different enrollment situations:

  • Coesys Enrollment Form Scanning is a centralized enrollment system
  • Coesys Enrollment Station is a desktop live enrollment station
  • Coesys Enrollment Kiosk is a fully-automated live enrollment station
  • Coesys Enrollment Mobile is a portable enrollment station.