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User-friendly eGovernment services even more inclusive​​​​​​​​​Coesys eGov 2.0

eGovernment servicesNow secure, transparent eGovernment services can be at anyone's fingertips. Recognizing that not everyone has the same level of technology proficiency, Gemalto has taken a citizen-centric approach to smart card-based web service delivery with the release of Coesys eGov 2.0 by eliminating the need to install client middleware.

The third generation of its eGovernment authentication server solution opens access to a greater number of users. All it takes is the click of a mouse when a simple question is displayed inside a dialog box at the time of their first connection.

Coesys eGov 2.0 radically simplifies the end-user interface to provide enhanced ease of use. To make access to eGovernment services even more inclusive, the solution's portal-based universal browser access now offers compatibility with Apple Safari and Google Chrome in addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Engineered to deliver the highest possible level of online security, the latest release now enables digital signatures for both PDF documents and online forms.

In addition to plug-and-play connectivity from computer, Coesys eGov 2.0 features easy deployment that belies its highly sophisticated architecture and functionalities.

Coesys eGov 2.0 is a multi-authentication solution and supports OTP, PKI, Mobile PKI and login/password schemes.




  • National identity schemes

    National identity schemes

    The aim of this white paper is to give all public stakeholders and partners the understanding, insight and tools that will enable them to contribute to greater success in the modernization of public services and, more broadly, of society, by including digital identity as a defining feature in a digital space of trust, with good levels of security, interoperability and data protection.

    National identity schemes
  • e-Gov 2.0 – Towards a sustainable society

    e-Gov 2.0 – Towards a sustainable society

    10 object lessons in Green IT and eGovernment, From green washing to green spirit e-Government is an essential part of the political supervision needed for the harmonious construction of a sustainable society. This paper will illustrate this point.

    e-Gov 2.0 – Towards a sustainable society [PDF - 2.3b]
  • eGov 2.0 : the keys to success

    eGov 2.0 : the keys to success

    Choosing and building the pathway to success -Best practices and success factors This report examines the foundations of successful eGovernment programs and outlines ways public support can be mobilized for adoption of the 2.0 citizen-centric approach.

    eGov 2.0 : the keys to success [PDF - 2.6mb]

Coesys eGov 2.0 V3

​User-friendly eGovernment services even more inclusive.


  • Why is eGovernment so important? 

    The move to the digital economy and beyond, to a more sustainable world, will further accelerate the transition to paperless processes, with rewards to reap including improved service, reduced cost and more streamlined processes.


  • Significant administrative savings

    Form processing expenditures can be driven down dramatically when paperless processes are introduced. The Tax Administration of Finland managed to reduce its cost per transaction from €10-50 to 20-50 cents. In France, electronic medical claim processing costs €0.27 compared to €1.74 for paper-based methods.