Mobile ID

​​​Gemalto Mobile ID just makes adopting an electronic citizen identity easier for everyone.

Mobile PKI offers a very strong security framework for all parties. The security related operations are done in the SIM card, a tamper resistant environment, making it almost impossible to misuse the users identity.

Benefits for Governments

One of the greatest assets of mobile PKI and Gemalto Mobile ID is the ability to extend smart card based national eID schemes. Gemalto Mobile ID enables governments to put the citizen electronic ID into every pocket that can hold a mobile phone. Complementing the national eID card the mobile PKI SIM card adds the true mobility factor into the eGovernment services. Now citizens can access services from all over the world, the only thing needed is a working SMS connection.

One of the biggest challenges in the market has always been the threshold in user acceptance. If the solution is too complex, the citizens may shy away from it. Using the mobile phone as a signing and authentication device is natural for almost all users, and using a SIM card one can also see it as the most democratic method of all – it can be available to anyone who has a mobile phone.

Benefits for citizens

Extreme mobility and ease of use are the most obvious benefits for the user.
Gemalto Mobile PKI truly brings power to people’s fingertips.

From e-ID to Mobile ID

Coesys mGov enables citizens to use their phones as an authentication and signature tool in an environment they can trust, opening the door to a rich array of eGov services. ​
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