Coesys Services

​Results with peace of mind

The deployment of secure identity systems and applications comes with the introduction of solutions to securely and efficiently manage the identity document during all its life cycle: from data collection and issuance phase to verification and usage in the field.

To support customers in their deployment program, Gemalto has developed a complete set of solutions called Coesys. It covers enrollment, issuance, e-verification and e-government applications.

As every customer environment and needs are unique, Coesys solutions comes with end to end consulting and integration services to support the customer in all the steps of his Government program.

Alongside with our own Coesys products, Gemalto will bring together best-in-class partner Hardware and Software products to deliver a solution perfectly matching with customer needs and environment. In addition, Gemalto can leverage on a large network of local partners in a wide range of applications and services.

Whatever the needs are (deploy enrollment stations countrywide, setup a personalization center for your secure document or setting up e-government services), Gemalto will mobilize the right team and the right partners to support you throughout your project.

With more than 20 years of experience in Identity solution integration, Gemalto is your reliable system integrator for your Identity project.