Gemalto to provide a new Queensland Driver License

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In July 2009, Gemalto announced that it will together with Prime Contractor Placard Pty Ltd provide several million Sealys electronic driving licenses to the Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland, Australia over a five year period with implementation commencing in 2010.

Currently, just over 3 million drivers in Queensland hold laminated driver licenses on which personal data is printed. The new cards will significantly improve the security and privacy of personal data by securely storing driver information electronically. This will make the new license difficult to copy and counterfeit and thereby minimizes the potential for identity theft.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads also plans to use this secure technology for the Adult Proof of Age, Marine Licence Indicator and Industry Authority cards.

Gemalto’s Sealys eDriver License solution is compliant with ISO 24727 standard and the Smartcard Framework and Smartcard License Interoperability Protocol (SLIP), which is the standard referenced to by the drivers license project.

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