Danish biometric ePassports: a secure end-to-end solution from Gemalto

​​​​​Gemalto Delivers Danish ePassportsIn 2012, the Danish Police renewed its confidence in Gemalto.

The new generation of Danish biometric ePassports​ is implementing the EAC ( Extended Access Control) mechanism to better protect fingerprints stored i​n the microprocessor of the smart document.

All Danish ePassports issued by the country’s national police are integrating Gemalto’s Sealys ePassport secure technologies​. Gemalto is managing the entire delivery process.

In addition to its renowned Sealys eTravel, secure ePassport software and Sealys eDatapage​, its polycarbo​nate data page technologies, Gemalto is providing passport booklet assembly and individual personalization of each document through its Allynis Issuance services​.

The Danish authorities have been incorporating electronic capability in all new passports since August 1, 2006. Between 700,000 and 800,000 traditional passports are issued annually.

As part of the Gemalto solution, the polycarbonate data page includes a contactless microprocessor running a highly secure operating system. The microprocessor carries the passport holder's digitized fingerprints and portrait as well as identity information.