Gemalto brings its contribution to the Latvian ePassport program

Latvian ePassport program

In January 2007, Gemalto has been selected to provide its highly secure polycarbonate datapage solution for the Latvian electronic passport.

The Latvian authorities plan to issue 1.1 million e-passports over the next 5 years.

Gemalto will supply Giesecke & Devrient, the system integrator, with Sealys Laser Secured Datapage, its polycarbonate datapage that also implement highly secure printing features.

This datapage consists of several layers of polycarbonate sheets, which at the lamination process are melted together to form one homogenous structure. Security elements - like background printing, CLI/MLI and DOVID etc. - are "sealed" in the inner layers, securely inside the polycarbonate material. Personalization is done by laser engraving and the personalization data e.g. photograph is burnt inside the polycarbonate, not to the surface. Thus, in practice the ready-made page is impossible to forge, delaminate or be otherwise unlawfully manipulated.