eID for Lithuania

eID for LithuaniaLithuania’s Ministry of Interior has commissioned Gemalto to deliver 900,000 Sealys Laser-Secured cards for the country’s national electronic identity​ program. Rollout for the cards, which are mandatory for all Lithuanian citizens aged 16 and over, began in January this year. Gemalto delivers the cards to its local partner Lodvila, a security printing company in Lithuania and main contractor of the project.

The highly-secure polycarbonate laser-engraved ID cards​ also feature contactless technology for identity verification at border crossings​ based on fingerprint checks, thus facilitating travel for Lithuanian citizens between EU member states.

Lithuania has also deployed these credit-card sized ID documents to facilitate access for citizens to national and European eGovernment services. They contain an embedded contact microprocessor which holds one certificate for on-line identification and another for electronically signing official documents such as contracts and declarations.

The national eID card​ is the first step towards Lithuanian implementation of the European Citizen Card standard.

Read the eID for Lithuania press release.