No go-slow for Oslo

​To respond to the Norwegian authorities’ stringent requests and demanding timetable, Gemalto opened a new personalization center to provide a complete ePassport product with related personalization solutions and operated services.

​Within six months, the new Oslo center was able to manage the complete solution including a new product, a delivery and personalization process and new operations.

Gemalto combined its secure Sealys ePassport and Allynis Issuance services to satisfy its customer.

The Norwegian authorities were able to draw on Gemalto’s expertise and resources, and benefit from a local, highly-secure site. Furthermore, they had just one supplier to deal with for both the production and personalization of the documents.

Delivery of the Norwegian personalized ePassport began in October 2005 and as a result, Norway was one of the first countries in the world to kick off the mandatory, nationwide deployment of biometric passports, compliant with international standards. ​


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    Gemalto's eBorder solution uses automatic passport verification and facial-recognition technology to provide citizens with a quick journey through Oslo's Gardermoen Airport.

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