eID for Saudi Arabia

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eID for Saudi ArabiaMarch 2009 saw the announcement that Gemalto will continue to deliver electronic ID cards​ to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the next three years as well as supplying support and maintenance to the Riyadh personalization center. The credit-card sized ID documents are mandatory for all citizens aged 15 and over.

The ID cards contain the holder’s digital information such as demographics, facial image and fingerprints and can also be used as a travel document. They feature a bar code and optical stripe to ensure enhanced security, and offer a digital signature through a PKI application.

Saudi Arabia’s eID program was launched in December 2007. Gemalto has already delivered a first phase of cards and its secure Coesys Issuance personalization solution as well as installing the centralized card personalization system in Riyadh.

Press Release

Gemalto Provides National e-ID Cards to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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