Swedish ePassport and national eID (2016 update)

​​​​Last updated 21 May 2017

Swedish epassports are regarded as one of the world's most secure travel documents and enjoy a strong reputation. It is also ranked as one of the most powerful as Swedish citizens can enjoy visa-free travel to many countries around the world.

According to UK's The Independent (May 8, 2017), the Swedish electronic passport is ranking #1 as the world's most desirable passport. The factors taken into account included visa free access and what it can do for you.

A global infrastructure for electronic passport and national eID

Swedish epassport

In January 2012 Sweden started to issue the new generations of its electronic passport and national electronic ID card. 

Gemalto manages the end-to-end delivery process including the live enrollment solution in Sweden, production of all secure travel documents, as well as operated issuance services. 

The contract signed in 2011 with the local authorities includes the enrollment solution including the software for registering the applicants' personal data, along with enrollment kiosks for instant capture of the holder's photograph, fingerprints and electronic signature. Gemalto supplies the operated issuance services, which ensure document personalization from its premises based in the Stockholm area. 

The same infrastructure and procedures are maintained for the National eID card as for the ePassport. This leads to significant savings in terms of equipment, processes, systems and staff training.

The operating model: outsourcing

The Swedish police put paramount importance to expertise in performing service functions, treating each citizen as a customer who needs to be served with utmost competence and efficiency. This is precisely what Gemalto offers to Sweden through its  operation center in Stockholm.

Gemalto is delivering a solution that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of new Swedish national document production, personalization and issuance. Security level is high and collaboration is a daily reality.

The Police bottom-line of providing quality service and optimizing taxpayers' money were the primary drivers for outsourcing. The Police are also maintaining a fundamental characteristic of its own operations:

authority and the control that such authority guarantees.

Outsourcing production and personalization services to Gemalto is a model that combines the use of latest technology with technical expertise. 

The Swedish police have been able to free their resources from being bogged down by functions that do not enhance their core competencies such as printing documents and management the logistics to distribute them. 

There's more.

The increasing complexity of the technical environment; the difficulty hiring qualified candidates, particularly for IT operations; and the lengthy procurement cycle to upgrade technology were all valid reasons for the Swedish police to consider outsourcing to Gemalto.

And as the scope of the Swedish Police continues to grow, they now have the industry best processes and scalable model to ensure continued efficiencies.

The Swedish passport: a distinctive design 

The Swedish ePassport is certainly one the most advanced secure travel documents rolled out in the recent years and definitively a piece of art. 

Collaboration with the Royal Swedish Police was key to deliver a unique and distinctive passport and a symbol of pride in the hands of millions of Swedes. 

This combination of stylish design and passport security features both illustrates the Swedish identity and makes the passport one of the most secure in circulation. 

Here is the inside cover page under normal light and UV light. Under UV light, shadows of cars with their lights on appear in light blue ink on the roads.

Passport Design Sweden
Gemalto has developed a
comprehensive approach of passport security design that we believe can lead to superior results. 

More security in 2016

As of 15 April of 2016, in order to increase security, a new act entered into force including 3 major rules:

  1. Swedish citizens may be granted a maximum of 3 regular passports during a five-year period
  2. The regular passport will be revoked and cancelled when a provisional passport is issued
  3. The validity for a passport for children under 12 is reduced to three years.

The Swedish ePassport is certainly the most advanced secure travel document rolled out in recent years and definitively a piece of art. More in the brochure below.