Swedish travel documents

​​​​​​​​A generation ahead



In January 2012 Sweden started to issue the new generations of its electronic passport and national eID.

The same infrastructure and procedures are maintained for the National eID card as for the ePassport. This leads to significant savings in terms of equipment, processes, systems and staff training.

Gemalto manages the end-to-end delivery process including the live enrollment solution in Sweden, production of all secure travel documents, as well as operated issuance services.

The contract signed in 2011 with the local authorities includes the enrollment solution including the software for registering the applicants’ personal data, along with enrollment kiosks for instant capture of the holder’s photograph, fingerprints and electronic signature. Gemalto supplies the operated issuance services, which ensure document personalization from its premises based in the Stockholm area.

The Swedish ePassport is certainly the most advanced secure travel document rolled out in 2012 and definitively a piece of art. More in the brochure below.