Taiwan chooses Gemalto for Alien Resident Card Solution

​In 2008, Gemalto was named sole supplier of electronic Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) cards to the National Immigration Agency (NIA) in Taiwan. The new Sealys ​microprocessor cards are personalized using Gemalto’s Coesys system and will replace existing paper documents and boost security by preventing forger​​y and counterfeiting.

To-date, Gemalto has delivered some 300,000 ARC cards, which are unique in that they are the first eID documents built using ePassport technology. The credit card-sized documents allow the bearer to remain in Taiwan throughout the validity period, and allow them to open a local currency bank account, own vehicles and apply for a driver license.

Compliant with ICAO standards, sensitive personal information is securely stored on the chip. To make counterfeit reproduction even more difficult, the card includes sophisticated ​printing techniques. The NIA plans to replace all remaining paper cards by 2009.

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