New driver’s license, biometric residence permit and digital tachograph for the UK

Next-generation technology delivering real taxpayer savings

By entrusting Gemalto to supply up to 80 million Sealys secure documents, the UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) aims to enhance security and lower costs.

As of 2013, British motorists will be issued a new European driver’s license supplied by Gemalto. Compliant with EU specifications and the latest ICAO standards, the Sealys ID document exemplifies the next generation of highly secure polycarbonate cards. Its operating system is among the fastest, most interoperable on the market, enabling significant cost savings both at the personalization stage and in usage.

In addition to the UK driver’s license, Gemalto will supply digital tachograph cards and biometric residence permits.


The new UK Driving license


A European driver’s license for UK motorists.

The new UK Driving license [PDF - 656kb]

Press release

May 3, 2012 |Gemalto Signs Multi-Year Contract with the United Kingdom Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency