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Case study: Algeria a complete eHealthcare solution

Algeria is a fast-growing country with a population of 33 million, over 80% of whom benefit from the national healthcare organization, the Caisse Nationale des Assurances Sociales des Travailleurs Salariés (CNAS).

With previous healthcare system struggling to meet demand, Gemalto has come up with a more efficient, electronic solution to increase security, reduce administration costs, speed up reimbursement payments and offer the visibility required by the CNAS to manage the overall system efficiently.

As prime contractor, Gemalto manages the entire project including delivery of complete Coesys Issuance Solution configured for high-volume centralized personalization environment and color photo printing by dye sublimation technique.

Leveraging its expertise in solutions, Gemalto will assist the CNAS in launching the production process and ensure proper training for the CNAS personnel. In addition, Gemalto will provide 7 million par Sealys Health Insurance Cards, which will securely identify each beneficiary and their dependants, as well as Coesys Enrolment and eGovernment solutions.

The tailor-made Gemalto solution includes consulting services and training, card issuance and personalization, card acceptance secured by PIN codes for patients and USB keys for health professionals and a PC based application to manage claim and prescription functionality.

Once fully deployed, at the end of 2008, health professionals will be able to centralize claims and electronically sign prescriptions, and Algerian citizens will enjoy a highly-secure, automated healthcare system, offering an improved service for claim processing and reimbursements.


eHealthcare Algeria

Case study: E-healthcare Algeria 

Algeria - a complete eHealthcare solution for the benefit of its Citizens

eHealthcare Algeria - [PDF - 706kb]
Also available in Portuguese [PDF - 861kb ] and in Spanish [PDF - 180kb ]