Building a digital nation: Oman's ePassport project

Since 2002, the Sultanate of Oman has worked steadfastly to build an efficient digital infrastructure to foster meaningful dialog between government and citizens. Gemalto's longstanding partnership with Oman had already brought the company to engineer a national eID solution and eGovernment security solutions as well as modernize the national registry.

In February 2013, the Royal Oman Police turned once more to Gemalto’s expertise to provide citizens with the enhanced services and protection of ePassport technology. The turnkey ePassport solution comprises Coesys enrollment and issuance modules to personalize ICAO-compliant Sealys travel documents incorporating the latest digital security technologies.

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e-ID at work - Sultana of Oman

PDF Putting the Sultanate of Oman in the front line of eGovernment implementation.

e-ID at work - Sultana of Oman [PDF - 764kb]

Oman's Electronic ID Card Voting System

Oman?s Electronic ID Card Voting System

From ink to electronic fingerprints

Oman's Electronic ID Card Voting System - [PDF - 777kb]
Also available in French [PDF - 780kb]