Gemalto and the digital agenda


The European Union has launched the Digital Agenda for Europe, setting out the ambitious vision of making Europe a region of peace, solidarity and harmonious development, growth and competition, confident in its direction, values and model. This commitment shows proactive political support for the establishment of a sustainable society.

The goals of strengthening trust, security and protection of personal data are high priorities in societies in which social cohesion has become modernized and digital.

Gemalto, whose core business has always been at the heart of these matters, welcomes this European commitment with open arms, along with the ensuing transition towards a sustainable and digital society that it entails. As a global leader in digital security, Gemalto is aware of the role and potential of this agenda which can contribute to making the digital interactions of the future even more fluid, secure and user-friendly.

Promoting the emergence of a freer and more sustainable society by making it more secure, Gemalto has structured its approach and contribution to governmental programs by sharing its international experience, industrial know-how and position as partner to public authorities in a number of countries.

This approach comprises three main programs and courses of action:

  • Securing the identity of citizens
  • Protecting their privacy, personal data and digital rights
  • Promoting an optimal framework of trust for digital exchanges to create the conditions for the trust-worthy deployment of online services
  • Secure mobile devices: a Digital Identity device for all citizens – Providing to all European citizen a reliable Identity, trusted and protecting his personal data.