Digital identity is right at the heart of digital trust


Secure mobile devices: a Digital Identity device for all citizens – Providing to all European citizen a reliable Identity, trusted and protecting his personal data

We believe that growth within the European Union will partly rely on the implementation of a reliable Digital Identity for European citizens, ensuring a good level of Trust in the internet and the mobile devices of the future, with interoperable authentication and signature solutions, through the implementation of secure portable devices ("secure elements"), such as PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) SIM cards, identity cards, and driving licenses with microchips, as well as many other innovative devices.

Our worldwide experience has shown that the implementation of this secure mobile device is essential for the unreserved adoption of solutions by citizens, who must carry this physical object on their persons – a digital safe containing their identity, personal data and rights – enabling strong authentication through at least two factors: “what I have” (my secure mobile device) and “what I know” (my confidential code).

Considering this positive change, it seems essential to rapidly encourage the widespread deployment of a reliable and secure identifications system for European citizens, while protecting their identity, personal data and private lives. To achieve this, the implementation of a Digital Identity Policy, relying on the technical frameworks of member states and European countries and enabling European-wide interoperability is essential.

The 1999 Directive on electronic signature did not reach its objective as regards the fast deployment of EU-wide interoperable systems, but rather led to EU proprietary national systems. The European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on electronic identification and trust services (“eIDAS”) constitutes therefore constitutes a great opportunity to ensure a secure management of digital identity.

Gemalto’s proposal

A global leader in digital security, with extensive experience (on more than 80 governmental programs) in secure documents and innovative solutions to ensure a secure internet (crypto-calculators, sending of codes by SMS, etc.), Gemalto suggests that digital identity should be founded on secure portable devices: electronic identity cards, microchip cards, mobile phone equipped with secure display functions, certified MicroSD or USB key, driving license with microchip.