Sealys ID Motion

An innovative turnkey solution to federate eID programs

ID Motion: Independence and Security for your national projects

ID Motion is a complete eID management structure to rise to the challenges of pooling the new secure identity documents and their infrastructures.

In particular, this range of cards, solutions and services meets the issuing bodies' need for independence, their security requirements, and provides the flexibility required to cater for applications deployed after the initial launch.
ID Motion provides the advanced post-issuance capabilities necessary to orchestrate this kind of swift adaptation.

Breaking down the barrier of fragmented infrastructures

Fragmented infrastructures with several different ID documents do not lend themselves, in the long-term, to the creation of a national infrastructure of trust able to support the requirements of e-ID, an essential vehicle for the modernization and digital development of a country.

With ID motion, it is time to pool enrolment, issuance and post-issuance facilities and implement a true multi-application single platform with the right answer to scalability and adaptability with secure post-issuance features.

Security: we mean it and set the new standard

In April 2013, ID Motion smart card has obtained the highest possible level of internationally
recognized security assurance. As the first smart card operating system in the world to achieve the exacting EAL7 Common Criteria certification, ID Motion quite simply sets a new
standard in the market, and is a clear illustration of Gemalto's commitment to providing ever-more secure solutions for governments and citizens alike.