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  • Special multimedia feature: eGov leader Estonia

    An in-depth look at how Estonia built its digital infrastructure from scratch.

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  • Bringing eID to Europe: laying the foundations

    A single, secure digital identity for citizens, backed by a state-issued certificate, is becoming a reality in Europe

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  • Mongolia’s ambitious eGovernment strategy

    The central Asian country aims to become a global eGov leader by 2016

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  • How mobile ID conquered Iceland

    Iceland is already a leader in digital services. Now, its citizens can use their phones to perform online transactions safely and securely.

    How mobile ID conquered Iceland

  • Oman, a pioneer nation

    Oman's eGovernment project is now more than 10 years old and has transformed citizens' relationship with the state.

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  • Lessons from Germany

    Overview of the e-ID project in Germany from 2010-2013 and lessons learned

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  • Pooling identity documents and their infrastructures in e-Government programs

  • New directions for driving licenses

    Delivering more

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  • Spring visit to Austria

    A paperless, flexible government, for a more attractive and competitive country

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  • A winter trip to Belgium

    e-ID, the keystone for modernized, strengthened social cohesion

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  • Breaking new ground in Oman in 2012

    Oman Information Technology Authority teams with Gemalto for second-generation eGovernment deployment.

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  • 10 object lessons in Green IT and eGovernment

    Diminishing resources and a growing world population underscore the absolute necessity of protecting our environment for the benefit of future generations.

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  • eHealthcare

    Best practices in fraud prevention.

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  • e-Government and its contribution to a more sustainable society

    The myth of return on investment

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  • Life in Estonia

    Sustainable development in the digital society: a mindset

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  • Biometrics for use in identification

    A rapidly developing application for the general public

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