Electronic residence: Trust will be sovereign or not at all

Secure and unique official e-mail ​​

E-Estonia: Electronic residence

What's the story here? ​

Each and every Estonian automatically obtains an official e-mail address of the type firstname.surname@eesti.ee free of charge. 

This address is intended for use official correspondence with government authorities and is recognized as the citizen's official electronic residence. 

Companies are also given an email address CompanyRegNo@eesti.ee.

The right to free Internet access in Estonia’s constitution

​When Estonia left the Soviet Union, it had to start afresh. It was the beginning of the internet era
and Estonia banked a lot on this new technology. 
Consequently, it is now possible to connect to internet from absolutely anywhere in Estonia.​
And so, having an e-mail for every citizen is no longer a surprise.
It has been proven that a high level of digital equipment in households and businesses is an
essential vector for prosperity and growth. The enhanced growth and well-being of Estonia
following its commitment to digital technology speaks for itself.

To know more about digital dividends visit our August 2016 web dossier.

To discover the new e-Residency​ program visit our January 2017 dossier.

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