Other applications

Digital Life in e-Estonia: Other applicationsToday, Estonians can vote or pay their taxes on line (98% did so in 2014). The ID card known as ID kaart ​​can be used to encrypt documents, to add a digital sig​nature, or to access practically any e-service, including those provided by banks and private companies, as well as local and national public services provided by the State. The police and the school system are also connected up to this virtual environment.

Every police car is equipped with a computer and access to the Internet. In 10 seconds, police officers can have access to vehicle registration files, as well as details of related insurance policies, traffic and other relevant cross-referenced information. The school system has shifted away from paper to e-School, to which parents, students, teachers and school administrators can all connect via the Internet. By combining all transactions and processes into an e-Gove​rnment infrastructure, Estonia is setting itself clearly apart not only by the level of integration and progress it has achieved, but also by the example it is setting for others, in particular by the values it observes.

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