Breaking new ground in Oman in 2012

Oman Information Technology Authority teams with Gemalto for second-generation eGovernment deployment

Oman has begun reinforcing its eGovernment portal's access management and security with eID cards and mobile ID using mobile handsets. The solution will establish an infrastructure of trust with its citizens to expand the country's online government services offer and enhance the user experience.

Oman has a proven track record in using innovative technology to pioneer eGovernment projects. Following the successful implementation of eID cards with ePurse and eVoting functions, Oman is breaking new ground with an expanding range of new online services.

This will allow citizens and residents of Oman to securely access eGovernment services using the authentication method that best suits their lifestyle. The solution works on any personal computer and does not require the end user to install additional software.


Gemalto has been appointed by Oman Information Technology Authority (ITA) as prime contractor to secure the country's eGovernment services. Acting as a turnkey solution provider and systems integrator, Gemalto is delivering the complete Coesys eGov2.0 software suite together with related services including training, support and maintenance. The full solution encom¬passes strong authentication and digital signature using the eID card, as well as mobile authentication using a mobile handset.

Gemalto's expertise in security software and systems integration was instrumental to bridge the physical and online worlds.


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As a service institution of excellence, the Directorate General of Civil Status has adopted an electronically system which saves both citizens and Omani administrations time and effort. This system in synergy with the national eID has given birth to numerous services such as e-Gates, e-Purse, e-Health and e-Vote.

These services have enhanced the quality of service and increased citizen's satisfaction towards the administration, streamlined processes such as payment, border crossing and many others.

For example using e-Purse for paying fees only takes 8 seconds compared to 3 to 5 minutes by cash transaction. The waiting time in the queue has been reduced from 30 minutes to between 5-8 minutes. (source Royal Oman Police 2011).

Same results are to be achieved throughout Omani public services thanks to integration. Entities such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice & Ministry of Civil Services are already integrated.

With these innovative e-Services, the DGCS/ROP are contributing to treat each citizen and resident as a customer who needs to be served with utmost competence and efficiency.