Travel Document

​​​​​​​Electronic Passport components and solutions for government printing works

Travel Document

Gemalto offers a complete end-to-end ePassport solution. From issuance and personalization of highly secure travel documents to enrolment​ and strong border control​ security solutions, Gemalto can offer the whole product or supply any part of the chain, with fully compliant, highly secure, tailor-made solutions in your hand, when you want it, safe, secure and trusted. ​

Gemalto also offers a wide range of components and solutions for National Printers​ that are issuing electronic passports.
​​Our core offer is Sealys eTravel, our ICAO compliant secure embedded software, which offers the highest level of performance and interoperability in the market. 

Sealys Premium Inlay and Sealys premium eCover are our ultra-thin and flexible inlays and electronic covers for easy integration in booklet manufacturing process along with the support from our experts and technical consultants for optimal results.For security conscious printers, we offer polycarbonate datapages, for the highest level of security and the use of innovative security features combining optical and visual features. We offer the innovation of secure Color picture in polycarbonate with no compromise on security and durability.
​Sealys ePassport components sustain the real-world stress of stringent day-to-day use and thus have a long lifetime up to 10 years in the field. This is ensured by rigorous durability requirements surpassing ICAO standards.​

Crafting exceptional passports since 1859

ePassport programs 

Gemalto contributes to over 30 national ePassport programs to date. This achievement reflects the continued growth of identity markets and leadership of Sealys eTravel solutions from complete solutions or specific key components. Gemalto's passport references includes in p​​articular Belgium​Côte d'ivoire, Estonia, Denmark, France, Korea, Latvia, Malta, MoldovaMorocco, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden and theUnited States of America.

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