Trüb and Gemalto: Unique expertise in polycarbonate and shared approach to security design

​​​​ TrübWe are pleased to announce that Trüb has been acquired by Gemalto and will leverage on Gemalto's global footprint and leading position in digital security.

Customers of Gemalto and Trüb will benefit from the combined strengths of both companies for an enhanced offering in secure technology-driven identification solutions:

  • ​An innovative and comprehensive portfolio of products, platforms and services for governments and citizens
  • Advanced production capabilities and service delivery with an unparalleled expertise in polycarbonate
  • Impressive list of references​ proving a positive impact on the  development  of governmental projects​​

Creating the new face of secure documents


Gemalto has a background of securegovernment printing dating back to 1886 with the acquisition of Setec, formerly Finland’s National Printing House in 2005. Printing expertise includes banknotes, stamps and identity documents with a long track-record in innovation.

Today, Gemalto is contributing to more than 100 Government programs with specific expertise
in border and visa management projects. Our expert teams are working closely with national
polices and printers on aspects of security features and document design.

As pioneers in polycarbonate technology, Gemalto and Trüb are now joining forces to offer unparalleled experience and expert knowledge in this area.

Created in 1859, Trüb is synonymous with quality, precision and security for high-end polycarbonate documents. Trüb is also known for its innovation in unique security elements, designed in 
in Switzerland by its talented engineers.​

A shared holistic approach to security design​


Our goal is to design a document so that its authenticity can be indisputably trusted.​

We implement each technology at its highest quality and level, and use means and materials with limited availability. In a nutshell, we use technologies and materials that are extremely difficult to copy, to use, and to come by.

When designing a high secure national document, the primary task is to identify potential threats.

Then the necessary security measures are selected to counter these potential threats.

The selection of a security feature is based on its ability to protect a specific part of the document (datapage, personalized data) and to increase or reinforce other security features.
Polycarbonate enables optimum use of each security feature: security features can be used to protect personalization and personalized features can protect the documents.​

Our design approach​ is based on years of experience of documents in the field, feedback received from professionals and end users using the documents, from the cooperation with security experts and forensic laboratories, as well as the expertise of our dedicated engineers.​