More and more of today’s businesses are turning to cloud-based applications and with good reason, but moving to the cloud does not come without challenges. IT has to deal with the security risks as well as the lack of visibility, control and management of these cloud-based, business critical applications, while end-users struggle with a way to remember and manage the ever increasing number of user names, passwords and application login URLs. But what happens when management of corporate cloud application accounts is left in the hands of users?

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IT is no longer the gate keeper of applications-entering organizations. Anyone within an organization can search, try and buy an application online within minutes. But keeping track of several user names and passwords is difficult for employees to manage and can lead to increased IT headaches (forgotten passwords = more calls to the helpdesk), unsafe logins (written down passwords or using same credentials for every login) and loss of centralized access controls leading to security and compliance issues (e.g., lack of audit capability, no automatic access deprovisioning in case of employee departure, etc.).

CloudEntr makes identity and access management as simple, fast and reliable as the cloud applications it protects – with the security of an enterprise solution. For the users, it adds the simplicity of one login to access all of their cloud applications. For the business, it gives you back your access controls with one place to manage and track access and permissions.

Convenient user password management

The passwords of all web applications—that still rely on passwords for access—are securely managed within CloudEntr. And because CloudEntr is cloud based, users can access the service from anywhere, whether in the office or on the go with a mobile device.

Easy single sign-on

CloudEntr offers various user authentication options to login once to CloudEntr and have one-click access to all cloud based applications.

Secure identity and access management

CloudEntr brings control back to central IT. You control who can access what with a centralized access panel and simple permissions associated with groups of users. Quickly turn on and off access for contractors or employees who change roles or just need to get to an additional application.

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